Story Behind Mum's Baklava

Mum's Baklava has been perfected by using the finest ingredients.  Each piece of Baklava is hand rolled and made with A grade pure pistachio and cashew kernels. Each kernel is munched to ensure 100 percent purity, with no added nasties. Every mouth full of Mum’s Baklava is nothing short of perfection. 


The business is run by a brother and sister combination.  Michelle and Eddie are accustomed to sibling rivalry, however their passion and love for this product is the perfect recipe for a successful business, which has exceeded all expectation in this competitive environment.


Michelle and Eddie have been taught how to prepare and bake this exquisite delight step by step by their mother Helen.  Helen being a professional chef by trade, and running successful businesses for most of her life, had a special sweet that attracted family and friends for many years.  It was the love of food and generosity that Helen had, that made her product so amazing.


In 2015, Michelle and Eddie decided to embark on this journey and manufacture and sell baklava to local cafes and delicatessens. Mum's Baklava is now stocked in cafes, restaurants, independent supermarkets, delicatessens and hospital cafes.  It was mum’s drive and dedication, which led to the commercialisation of Mum’s Baklava. 

Mum believes that if you cook with the heart everything tastes so much better, a motto passed down from her mother Rafia.

You can also find Michelle and Eddie at boutique markets around Melbourne where they are spreading the taste of Mum’s Baklava. 

 ‘You’ve tasted the rest now taste the best’.  We’ll let you decide that for yourselves.